Getting to Know the Area

A good place to start is by exploring the possibilities for building a wetland by studying maps and aerial photographs. A map can give you ideas about the possibilities for damming, for example, but maps are fairly rough sources of data and a contour interval of 5 metres tells you very little about the small features of the terrain. You can look at the plans for the Return of Rural Wetlands project’s model wetlands to see what their land looks like on a map.

Especially in flat areas, the only way to get a realistic picture of the viability of the plans is to examine the site physically in person. An inspection of the terrain may also reveal details about the site that will have an impact on the implementation of the wetland project, but which cannot be reliably deduced by looking at a map or an aerial photo.

Forming a good general idea of the area’s suitability for wetland building is important before pitching it to the landowners and other cooperation partners who are important for the implementation of the project. If it still seems like a good idea to take the wetland project further after thinking about it and studying the matter independently, a good next step is to find out what any other possible owners of the land and water area think about the project.

It’s best to delay more detailed investigations into the project and dealings with the authorities until all the area’s landowners have been heard and you are sure that they share a desire to take the project further.

Map Services That Can Be Utilised in Planning a Wetland Area

Citizen’s Map Site
Map templates, aerial photographs and map links which are easy to send by e-mail, for example, to a wetland planner or the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Map window in the Paikkatietoikkuna website
A free map application where you can, for example, measure surface areas and set different map levels and aerial photos on top of each other.

Ammattilaisen karttapaikka (Maps for professionals)
A service that requires registration and is subject to a charge. Surface area measurements, registration services such as information about the landowner, contact information, map printouts.

Oiva, a service on environmental and location data for experts
A free service that requires registration. Offers information stored in Finland’s Environmental Administration’s data system on water resources, the state of surface water, groundwater, species, environmental load, the use of different areas, and map and registration information concerning the environment.

Updated 24.7.2013