A Wetlands Themed Comics Competition

Food water and wetlands

Wetlands are very important for us all. Seppo Leinonen, a Finn, has drawn a comic strips about life at wetlands through the eyes of animals.

What do you think the residents of wetlands would like to say? Make your own comic strip!

The competition is not to be taken too seriously. Everyone is welcome to take part. The competition is active until 23 February. There will be book and suprise prizes for 15 competitors.

Print the comic strip below, add words to the animals’ mouths and send your version either via mail or e-mail to Liminka Bay Visitor Centre.

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre
Rantakurvi 6, 91900 Liminka

Food water and wetlands

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Competition is arranged by:


Additional information:

Juha Siekkinen, Finnish Wildlife Agency, Life+ Return of Rural Wetlands project
juha.siekkinen@riista.fi, tel. 029 431 2404
Sari Airas, Metsähallitus, Ramsar communications
sari.airas@metsa.fi, tel. 0205 64 6671

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre
The Ramsar Convention of Wetlands
Seppo Leinonen’s enviromental cartoons