Leväjänkkä Wetland

Model Wetlands • Leväjänkkä, Tornio

Ilmakuva kosteikosta kesällä.

Leväjänkkä Wetland, Tornio – old peatmine turned 50-hectare bird paradise

Almost 1,5-kilometre dam construction started during 2021. Dams were build to hold water at three different levels to optimize the surface area of shallow brood habitats on this wetland.

Photo of a old peatmine with built dams. Photo is taken with a drone.
Almost 1,5-kilometre dam construction started during 2021. Dams were build to hold water at three different levels to optimize the surface area of shallow brood habitats on this wetland. Photo: Holtti Hakonen
Shovel moving land on a wetland construction site.
Water regulation devices were assembled to every dam to allow regulation of water levels for wetland management for long-term viability of the habitat. Summer of 2022 the dams were finalised and grass seed sown to the structures. Summer of 2023 we will have new pictures revealing the extent of the activities. Photo: Holtti Hakonen