An entrepreneur in the excavator business with knowledge about wetland construction is worth his weight in gold. Building wetlands differs from other kinds of earth-moving, and an excavator driver’s good eye for wetland building is the prerequisite for a successful project that remains within the budget.

The best kind of contractor for this kind of work is one with experience of working with soft soil and a suitable excavator equipped with wide crawlers. Generally speaking, we recommend relatively light crawler machines of about 12–15 tonnes, with enough power and the advantage of low surface pressure when working on soft ground.

Sometimes a large, long-reach machine is cheaper in the end. The hourly rate of an excavator with a long boom is very high, but its extra reach and the fact that treating the earth many times can be avoided will save on costs at sites that often can’t take the pressure of a vehicle driving over the same place many times over.

Inviting Contractors to Tender

Inviting contractors to tender is especially important when applying for public funding for your wetland project. The price need not be the most important grounds for the selection of the contractor. Experience of wetland construction and suitable equipment are just as important as the price. In the end, an accomplished wetland builder may be the most inexpensive option, even if their hourly rate is more expensive.

If you are granted public support for your wetland project, you are required to comply with the Competition Act.

  • No invitation to tender is required for procurements of less than EUR 3,000.
  • Finding out the local price level is sufficient for procurements ranging from EUR 3,000 to EUR 30,000. To find out the local price range, a phone call to at least three local earth moving entrepreneurs is enough to satisfy the requirements. Write down their hourly rates and equipment.
  • When inviting companies to tender on official public procurements (HILMA), either the level of EUR 30,000 for a service acquisition or EUR 150,000 for a building project is applied case-specifically in wetland projects.
Updated 23.7.2013