Establishing a Wetland

Restoring and establishing wetlands is important nature management work. You won’t find two identical wetlands, which is why it isn’t easy to draw up guidelines that will apply to all projects. Nevertheless, we strive to provide basic information, tips and tools that will help you to implement your wetland project successfully.

You should take into account that different operators and forms of funding have some effect on the process and its progression, and the demands of the sponsor on the level of planning, etc. are worth looking into on a case-specific basis. As far as bureaucracy goes, the easiest way to proceed is to build the wetland with a voluntary workforce and to use your own money or get outside funding, for example, through business sponsors.

A great deal of time has been spent on compiling this package to make sure that the planning and building processes of even challenging wetland projects are described in sufficient detail. The process of building a wetland in a ditch by a field, or in a forest on one landowner’s land, is often fairly simple, if the area has no special natural heritage to be taken into account or other restricting factors.

We recommend reading the guidebook Kosteikko-opas (in Finnish) before proceeding with your planning work in great detail.

This page offers instructions and planning templates that have been made to help you establish, restore and manage wetland areas and to promote such activities. The instructions and templates offer suggestions and are intended as guidelines to help you get started with your own project. You won’t find two identical wetlands or projects; each one is an adventure in its own right. Good luck with your rewarding wetland project!

The ABC of Wetland Building
– the Steps to Achieving a Successful Wetland

  1. Preliminary work
    • Getting to know the area
    • Landowners’ attitudes
    • Where, what kind and how?
  2. Permits and funding
    • Acts and planning regulations
    • Statement by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
    • Potential grants and financial support
  3. Planning
    • Requirements of the plan
    • Contents of the plan
  4. Implementation (incl. choosing a contractor)
  5. Management and monitoring
Updated 19.11.2020