Return of Rural Wetlands

Life Platform Meeting 2014 Prunteli Rovaniemi, Jyrki Ronkainen soutaa (kuva Panu Akrenius, 11.6.2014)_a

Life+ Platform Meeting 10th to 12th of June in Rovaniemi

Ca. 70 people from Nordic projects and the European Commission participated in an annual Life+ Platform Meeting in Rovaniemi in June 2014. The general objective of Life+ is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental policy and legislation by co-financing pilot or demonstration projects with European added value.

In this meeting participants discussed for example land acquisition and socio-economical aspects in Life projects, dealing with invader species, monitoring of actions and influences of the Life projects and participation of the landowners. They also attended a field trip to Prunteli model wetland, visited the Arctic Circle and Santa´s Village and went on a Midnight Sun Cruise on River Kemijoki

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Life Platform Meeting 2014 Prunteli Rovaniemi, Mikko Alhainen esittelee3 (kuva Panu Akrenius, 11.6.2014)_a


The Life+ Return of Rural Wetlands project promotes the establishment, restoration and management of wetlands, the most important habitats for waterfowl, in the everyday environments of agricultural and forest areas.

The examples in the nationwide network of model wetlands and our active communication, guidance and the website help us to raise citizens’ awareness of the value of wetlands, for example, to biodiversity, water birds and the protection of waters.

The model wetlands that have been established together with landowners, associations and companies act as practical examples and inspire operators in the neighbourhood to launch their own wetland projects.


Updated 17.6.2014