Building Instructions

Establishing Rural Wetlands (video, Finnish Hunters’ Association)

Experiences of planning rural wetlands: Ostrobothnia (15 slides)

Experiences of planning rural wetlands: North Karelia (16 slides)

Presentation “Rural Wetlands in Practice” (42 pages)

Drain Pipe from Concrete Pipes (9 pages)

Pictures Demonstrating Weir Structures (24 pages)

Lake Restoration (Finnish Environment Institute)

Establishing Rural Wetlands by Damming (Finnish Hunters’ Association)

Wetlands, Submerged Weirs and Settlement Lagoons in Agricultural Waterbody Restoration Projects (Southwest Finland Regional Environment Centre)

Wetland Planning in Practice (project TEHO Plus – More effective agricultural water protection)

The Planning and Sizing of Agricultural Multifunctional Wetlands (Finnish Environment Institute)

Establishing and Managing Multifunctional Wetlands (Agency for Rural Affairs)

Guide for Establishers of Multifunctional Wetlands in North Savo (project “Restoration of the Ylä-Savo Waterbodies”)

Management of Brooks in Agricultural Areas – Environmentally Sound Basic Drainage (Finnish Environmental Institute)

Guide on Brook Restoration (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)

The Right Wetland in the Right Place (Naturvårdsverket, only in Swedish)

A video on environmentally sound basic drainage (project “Controlling Nutrient Washout Rates”)

Updated 22.8.2014