Layman and Final reports available

LIFE+ Return of Rural Wetlands Layman and Final reports available at the website.

Sincere thanks to all partners and stakeholders involved for a successful project and all the work to support waterfowl populations and biodiversity. Habitats the key for viable wildlife populations providing multiple ecosystem services such as hunting and bird-watching opportunities. Habitat restoration and management by landowners and hunters to benefit wildlife is large-scale work enhancing the biodiversity of Finland.

The Layman’s report is visual and easily read publication for general public. It contains the key actions and results of the project in two languages.

The Final report gives in-detail information of project actions and achievements. It can be helpful for preparing new project proposals and habitat restorations.

The Rural Wetlands –projects demonstrative wetlands, awareness raising, education and dissemination activities has been productive. The interest towards wetlands has increased throughout Finland and new projects by landowners and hunters are rising in many villages.

Finnish Wildlife Agency is thankful for all landowners and other people who joined the project activities as well as co-financiers for making this project such a success.

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